Important information concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Following the Government guidance on social distancing in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Rugby Borough Council and Daventry District Council took the difficult decision to restrict attendance at Rainsbrook Crematorium funeral services.

From Tuesday 26 May, following a review of the restrictions, we increase the maximum number of mourners permitted to attend services to 16 in the crematorium's Avon Room and eight in the Drayton Room.

All other restrictions remain in place.


The restrictions aim to safeguard the health of visitors and minimise the risk to staff in order for the crematorium to remain operational.

In addition, immediate family attending funeral services have been requested to follow the hygiene advice issued by the Government, particularly in relation to the washing of hands.

Any immediate family members with symptoms of the coronavirus (COVID-19) should not attend funeral services and follow the latest NHS guidance with regards to self-isolation.

Both Rugby Borough Council and Daventry District Council appreciate the impact of this decision on both the friends and family of loved ones, but stress it has been taken in accordance with advice issued by both the Government and our professional associations.

Please note, the bereavement services team has now cancelled all non-essential, face-to-face meetings with family members until further notice.

Please contact the team by telephone, email or post, using the details listed under 'Contact us.'

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Rainsbrook Cemetery and Crematorium offers a peaceful and picturesque setting for funeral services in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside.

Overlooking Rugby's Rainsbrook Valley, the crematorium complements its stunning location with beautifully landscaped grounds and memorial gardens, creating a calm and tranquil setting where you can treasure the memory of a loved one.