Memorial Agreement 

Terms and Conditions

General Powers of Management 

Article 3(1) of The Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 (LACO 1977) expressly empowers burial authorities to do all such things as they consider necessary or desirable for the proper management, regulation and control of a cemetery.

The terms and conditions allow you to:

Lay to rest cremated remains in our Gardens of Remembrance at the place specified by us to you and/or place a memorial at the place specified as described overleaf.

At the expiry of the lease period, if the agreement is not renewed, we may remove the memorial and this can be collected by the applicant.
  1. We agree to maintain the memorial for the period of the lease.  However, we do not take responsibility for any damage to it unless it is caused by our negligence.
  2. We do not guarantee that the appearance of the memorial gardens will be the same forever, for example paths, trees and other features may change from time to time.
  3. Cut Flowers only are permitted in the vases that have been provided for general use in the Book of Remembrance Room and at various locations within the Gardens of Remembrance.
  4. Artificial flowers are only permitted in the vases that form part of an individually purchased memorial.  These will be removed if their condition deteriorates. Additional vases or planters are not permitted and will be removed.
  5. Christmas wreaths can be placed on the flower court in the area provided.
  6. You may not place anything in the Gardens of Remembrance that may offend reasonable taste and decency.  
  7. Only memorials supplied by us are permitted in the Gardens of Remembrance.
  8. Any memorial purchased from us by way of a memorial agreement will not be placed in the Gardens of Remembrance until full payment has been received.
  9. The placement of memorabilia such as wind chimes, windmills, candles, solar lights, balloons and other trinkets and all items made from glass or porcelain are not permitted.  This is not a definitive list and Rainsbrook Crematorium reserve the right to remove such items, or other unauthorised tributes without prior notice or consultation.
  10. If we, at our sole discretion, agree to the early cancellation of this agreement you must pay our reasonable costs and expenses arising from the cancellation.
  11. It is the applicant’s responsibility to advise Rainsbrook Crematorium, in writing, of any change of address.  

For the sake of clarity, this agreement is a contractual licence only and does not confer upon you the right to exclusive occupation of any part of the Gardens of Remembrance.